Build Connections

Human beings are naturally curious. Build Connections is a classroom activity and teaching tool that taps into students’ intrinsic curiosity by helping them see how class content connects to their interests. Educators across the country are using Build Connections in their classrooms to increase learning and engagement, boost students’ sense of value for class material and school in general, and encourage students on their individual educational journeys.


Increase students’ sense of value and purpose at your school.

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This activity allows me to hear what my students are interested in and why. It helps us build a relationship and connect to each other so we have a collaborative learning environment.
— Hilary Harrison, 7th & 8th grade Math
I usually connect skills of reading a writing to what they’ll be doing in future EDUCATION classes. This is a good reminder to link it to things they’re interested in and will do for the rest of their life.
— Eric Vande Berg, Freshman Civics

1-minute summary video from character lab

Chris Hulleman discusses Build Connections