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Georgia aims for 60% of adults to hold a post-secondary degree by 2025 (up from 38%) and is interested in harnessing research on learning mindsets to achieve this goal. 

The University System of Georgia (USG) governs all 26 four-year institutions within the state of Georgia, serving more than 318,000 students each year. Our partnership was established in 2017, and we are currently collecting data from students and faculty to understand the motivational culture in four-year institutions. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have attended two Advising Academies, consulted with USG institutions at the 2017 Momentum Summit, led USG institutions in understanding learning mindsets at the 2017 Mindset Summit, and visited 6 different USG institutions’ campuses.

Through this partnership and based on insights from our data, we will co-create a plan to infuse mindset-supportive practices into Georgia's higher education system at the student, instructional, curricular, institutional, and policy levels.