Supporting Growth Mindset

We know you’re eager to learn more about growth mindset and to start prototyping and testing activities at your school. To help you begin, we’ve put together several evidence-based, researcher-designed activities to support student motivation that can be adapted and customized for your campus. 

As with any practice, these activities are meant to serve as a starting point. We encourage you to think carefully about what will work in your context and what may need to be altered.


everyday growth mindset phrases

Guidelines for creating well-crafted everyday growth mindset phrases that promote a growth mindset. By using well-crafted growth mindset phrases on a regular basis a teacher can help to instill a growth mindset within students. These framing comments should emphasize: learning takes sustained effort, using effective learning strategies and switching strategies when needed, and seeking help when needed.



A form for students to request to retake a test or revise submitted coursework. In this activity, students reflect on their performance on a test or assignment, articulate the strategies they used to originally learn the material, and propose a plan for relearning the material. Importantly, the form requires students to show evidence of learning the material in a way that is appropriate for the subject matter, such as creating note cards or watching supplementary videos. This activity encourages students to take ownership of mastering content taught in class and promotes the use of more effective learning strategies.